Friday, December 13, 2013

The Pope on Modern Capitalism

This Business Insider article is a fascinating read. It's not a joke, but rather a powerful critique that contains profound wisdom regardless of whether or not you're a bleedin' papist. Haha. Wink @ many of my family and friends.

I did read a further chunk of the original document, and I recommend digging a little deeper into what Pope Francis has to say if you're so inclined and have time. There's some good stuff there (the  link to the full text is provided at the beginning of the Business Insider article).

After you read that, enjoy this wonderful story my aunt sent me that captures the real meaning of Christmas. I loved it. I printed the story and shared it with David and my kids. 

I need these messages and meaningful stories as a foil to the rampant commercialism and excess in which we all seem to find ourselves at this time of year. Not that indulgence is always a bad thing, but balance is best. Even "gifting" can start to feel like empty consumerism sometimes.

Anyway, I hope the story warms your heart as much as it did mine. Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Super Bowl Commercial for Girls' Toys? Maybe...

I threw a post up on LinkedIn yesterday about GoldieBlox, my new favorite toy company/business (partly because I rallied people to vote for this company in the contest and we were successful!!):
For the first time, a small business will have a commercial on the Big Game. That's right, a small business will have a slot in the Super Bowl. GoldieBlox, Inc. has made it into the top 4 businesses vying for this coveted commercial time slot. GoldieBlox, Inc. makes construction toys marketed to girls with the express purpose of getting more girls excited about math and science and ultimately interested in pursuing careers in engineering. After all, as GoldieBlox, Inc. founder Debbie Sterling is quick to point out, we're not suffering from a national shortage of princesses, are we?, the commercial is causing all kinds of controversy because of the parody of The Beastie Boys song "Girls" used in the original commercial:

If we want to empower women, one very effective way to do so is to get YOUNG women/girls focused on something besides how they look, makeup, and boys. GoldieBlox is a company that gets this concept. Booyaa!!!