Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Book on Metabolic Damage

I recently put this book together in electronic format:

Part of the aim with this book was to get all the information in one place. And because we've pulled all of these articles together, one of the things that struck me was just how quickly Scott got a handle on this phenomenon and started to make relevant connections between symptom and cause (backed up by research) as his understanding of metabolic damage grew. You can see his evolving thinking and his efforts to find solutions to the problem. Pretty amazing stuff, actually.

NOT ONCE do you get the sense that he's going to use this knowledge to milk more money out of competitors/dieters as is so often the primary aim of most "experts" shilling advice in the fitness industry. From day one, it's been about fixing the problem at its source and preventing it from ever happening in the first place.

If you want to understand what the hell is happening to your body if you have experienced any kind of metabolic slowdown, burnout, or complete stall after an extreme diet, read these articles as they're laid out in this new ebook.

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Coach's Latest Project

from Facebook:

Food Issues and You - Finally Facing the Phantom Menace

by Coach Scott Abel on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 3:28pm
Well this project is FINALLY complete. And I think I'd like to share some insights with you. After 2 years and too many hours to count I completed this project last week. As I piled up my reference materials to finish the reference section - I even surprised myself at how much research was actually on my desk. Tens of thousands of pages and 100-200 pages of notes only represent the beginning point - before the writing began.

The project consists of 2 books, one main book, a book supplement, and a workbook, which by itself, I think can change people's lives. Why am I telling you all this?

Cause it changed my life as well. I took on a lot before with Metabolic Damage and with the Body Image book I wrote, "The Other Side of the Mirror." But I was always able to maintain a level of professional detachment. At the completion of this project, I am spent. I didn't realize till the mission was accomplished just how much of other people's suffering I had absorbed and used to motivate me to keep going on this project. And that is a lot of suffering for one person to absorb, believe me.
Not since my days in social work some 25 years ago or more do i remember being left so empty from something. I thought I would share this with you all - or those who are interested. I need time to recharge, regenerate and recuperate. This project has sucked a lot out of me to be sure
It will be a couple to a few weeks now to get it to market, as it now goes into the hands of my web-peeps. But "Food Issues and You-Finally Facing Your Phantom Menace" - a project begun over 2 years ago - is now complete - is now done - and for the interim - I am done as well - exhausted from an effort- I hope you all find as worthy as I hope it to be.

Look for it soon, and I wil of course announce more about it. I am also releasing another diet-related product just before this as well. But I'm mum on that for right now

Thanks for reading this - I just felt maybe you should know what a 2 years long project does to someone - someone invested in it that is